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As the Chair of the Senate’s committee on Energy & Telecommunications, Senator Parker is a leading voice on building a sustainable future, and a green collar economy in New York. When Washington fails to act, states have to lead. Kevin Parker is New York’s climate champion. One of the most progressive and effective climate legislators in the country, Senator Parker has authored numerous state laws, including: Passed the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA). The most aggressive set of climate goals in America, will make

A century ago, American life expectancy was roughly sixty years old and for the planet it was just over 40. We now can expect Americans to reach 79 years of age, and for the world as a whole, 73. These gains came through progress, driven by innovation and standards set by government - usually in the United States - to improve public health and living conditions. America has made major strides in protecting clean water and clean air, eliminating lead from paint, our pipes,

On Tuesday, June 28, most New Yorkers will be watching the primaries for Governor, Lt. Governor, and the 150 Assembly primaries taking place that day. However, in the 58th Assembly District, there is another key vote happening for the State Committee. State Committee, or District Leaders, are party positions that decide and advocate for key issues around who runs for what office, which issues are on the Democratic party platform in Kings County, and other party structure issues that have a broad impact on Brooklyn

New York's state legislature approved a bill that would prevent fossil fuel power plants from being revived to power cryptocurrency mining operations. If signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul, the proposed law would prevent new permits from being issued for two years. It's a "first-in-the-nation cryptocurrency mining moratorium bill," advocacy group Earthjustice said Friday. "While the bill would not cover fossil fuel burning crypto mining operations that have already applied for new or renewed air permits, it would ensure that any future facilities could not receive air permits for two

State Sen. Kevin Parker is proposing tax-free sales of gasoline through the end of the year. Parker, D-Brooklyn, is proposing a freeze on the taxes imposed on the manufacturing, distribution, storage and sale of gasoline in the state until Dec. 31. Additionally, Parker’s legislation requires that retail sellers reduce the price per gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel by the amount of taxes the seller prepaid and which would have been collected from the consumer. Gas stations would be able to advertise that gas is

In my travels as a State Senator, it’s somewhat troubling to my spirit when I hear people damningly postulate about Black History Month being in the shortest month of the year and other arguments along this thread. It tells me that even though it has been in existence for almost 100 years; people still lack a comprehensive understanding of the purpose and power of this month-long focus. If so, not only would they appreciate the historical significance of it being celebrated in February but

“Growing up in public housing in Brooklyn and attending public school, I understand firsthand the trauma that our children encounter on a daily basis as they work to navigate through their academic and personal life,” said Senator Kevin Parker, as he teams up with mental health advocate Stephanie Carnegie to take on the rising crisis in youth trauma, mental health and suicide. Drawing from his own life experiences, the lawmaker added that he was fortunate to have had various outlets such as “my parents, mentors

BROOKLYN, NY – On Saturday, August 21st State Senator Kevin Parker hosted his 14th Annual Harvest Fest Back-To-School Celebration at Paerdegat Park in Brooklyn, NY. This essential community event was made possible due to the generous sponsorship of brands such as EmblemHealth, Spectrum. Target, DSW, Brooklyn Kappa League, Sesame Flyers International, Inc., and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Delta Rho Omega Chapter. During the event, Senator Parker distributed over 1,500 backpacks filled with school supplies and PPE for students throughout Central Brooklyn as well as

City officials will inform Brooklyn homeowners and tenants about tax relief and rent freeze programs that can help reduce their cost of housing State Senator Kevin Parker, in partnership with the NYC Department of Finance, is hosting the next installment of his monthly Homeowner Outreach and Tenant Enrollment series on Wednesday, July 24 at Brooklyn Public Library’s central branch in Prospect Heights.  During the event, Brooklynites will learn about city and state programs that can help manage their cost of housing. Specialists on site will inform


Kevin needs your support to ensure equity and opportunity for all New Yorkers.


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