On Tuesday, June 28, most New Yorkers will be watching the primaries for Governor, Lt. Governor, and the 150 Assembly primaries taking place that day. However, in the 58th Assembly District, there is another key vote happening for the State Committee. State Committee, or District Leaders, are party positions that decide and advocate for key issues around who runs for what office, which issues are on the Democratic party platform in Kings County, and other party structure issues that have a broad impact on Brooklyn

New York's state legislature approved a bill that would prevent fossil fuel power plants from being revived to power cryptocurrency mining operations. If signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul, the proposed law would prevent new permits from being issued for two years. It's a "first-in-the-nation cryptocurrency mining moratorium bill," advocacy group Earthjustice said Friday. "While the bill would not cover fossil fuel burning crypto mining operations that have already applied for new or renewed air permits, it would ensure that any future facilities could not receive air permits for two

State Sen. Kevin Parker is proposing tax-free sales of gasoline through the end of the year. Parker, D-Brooklyn, is proposing a freeze on the taxes imposed on the manufacturing, distribution, storage and sale of gasoline in the state until Dec. 31. Additionally, Parker’s legislation requires that retail sellers reduce the price per gallon of gasoline and diesel fuel by the amount of taxes the seller prepaid and which would have been collected from the consumer. Gas stations would be able to advertise that gas is

The annual power power list. Even as the rising threat of climate change has garnered growing attention, policymakers around the globe have made halting progress in addressing it. Yet at least one bright spot in the battle to protect the planet is the headway made in New York, whose track record in recent years could serve as a model for other states and countries. This year alone, the state has taken steps toward phasing out carbon emissions by making investments in offshore wind power, blocking

The declaration is to combat discrimination and racism in New York’s healthcare system. Racism is now a public health crisis in New York. The declaration is a part of a series of measures signed last week (December 23) by Governor Kathy Hochul in an effort to address the inequities in New York’s healthcare system, which have been magnified during the pandemic.   On Dec. 5th, the New York City Police Department released data that found that hate crimes were up 100% year-over-year, including a 361% increase in anti-Asian hate crime

With the national debate about voter rights making daily headline news, I cannot help but take a more than casual moment in contemplating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on his 91st birthday. Now more than ever as we battle serious issues such as a global health pandemic, a crime epidemic, police brutality, the rollback of Civil Rights and voter rights legislation and high unemployment, it’s vital that we lean into Dr. King’s message of working together as he exhibited in his

Next Steps Include Community Outreach across Brooklyn and Queens and the Environmental Review Process as Directed by Governor in 2022 State of the State     View Complete Feasibility Study Here    Project Would Serve 80,000 Daily Riders and Connect to Up to 17 Subway Lines and the Long Island Rail Road       Travel Time End-to-End Expected to be Less Than 40 Minutes    Governor Kathy Hochul and Metropolitan Transportation Authority Acting Chair and CEO Janno Lieber today unveiled the results of a yearlong study assessing feasibility of the Interborough Express, the transformative transit project which would connect communities in Brooklyn and Queens to as many as 17 subway lines and the

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Some New York lawmakers are taking on election reform as the state and the country prepare for a big upcoming election year. “During our first day of the session, we passed historic election bills that allow New Yorkers to vote more easily,” said Senate Majority Leader, Andrea Stewart Cousins. Senate Majority Leader Cousins and other Senate Democrats met on Monday to discuss their package of election and voting law changes. Their plan is to expand voting on college campuses, empower New York voters to


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