“Growing up in public housing in Brooklyn and attending public school, I understand firsthand the trauma that our children encounter on a daily basis as they work to navigate through their academic and personal life,” said Senator Kevin Parker, as he teams up with mental health advocate Stephanie Carnegie to take on the rising crisis in youth trauma, mental health and suicide. Drawing from his own life experiences, the lawmaker added that he was fortunate to have had various outlets such as “my parents, mentors

Two recent shootings involving police officers – one of an emotionally disturbed man in the Flatbush section of my district, and the other of a police officer on tour in Cypress Hills, have once again given rise to the national debate about policing and the training of our law enforcement officers as both incidents involved an emotionally disturbed person. In the former case, 32-year-old Dwayne Jeune was shot dead by police after a call for help from his mother. The latter incident involved NYPD officer Hart Nguyen

GOV. KATHY HOCHUL SIGNED A SERIES OF MEASURES MEANT TO TARGET HEALTH INEQUALITIES IN NEW YORK. Last Thursday, newly minted Gov. Kathy Hochul signed into action a series of measures meant to combat discrimination and racism, including classifying racism as a public health crisis.There is a targeted effort to address healthcare inequities in New York’s already stressed and strained system. Gov. Hochul’s measure to assess medical racism means that issues such as the maternal mortality crisis for Black mothers can become focal points for politicians and

We need to care. Asked what’s her greatest need as someone with sickle cell disease, the answer coming from Candice Daler was a veritable call to action: “We need advocates,” she told me, adding, “We cannot be sick and advocate for ourselves. And because our pain cannot be seen with the naked eye, we are often ostracized as complainers. So we compensate by telling our friends and family that ‘we got this.’ But here’s the truth, when we say we do; we don’t.” This is just

'Racism continues to cause a lack of resources and opportunities for people and communities,' notes state Sen. Kevin Parker. New York State Sen. Kevin Parker has drafted a bill to have the New York State Health Department declare racism a “public health crisis.”  “Racism continues to cause a lack of resources and opportunities for people and communities of color and it has oftentimes led to long term negative effects that have plagued families for generations,” Parker wrote in a statement. “The COVID-19 Pandemic has exposed these inequities even further

Representing his district in Brooklyn, Parker stands on the front lines with those trying to control the pandemic. Nearly four months since its first confirmed case, the state of New York continues to be neck-deep in the war against the deadly coronavirus disease. As of May 20, there were a staggering 192,374 confirmed cases and 16,153deaths reported in New York State with another 4,781 possible fatalities of those who were never tested, as reported by nyc.gov.  Although all of the city’s five boroughs have been impacted, a

The declaration is to combat discrimination and racism in New York’s healthcare system. Racism is now a public health crisis in New York. The declaration is a part of a series of measures signed last week (December 23) by Governor Kathy Hochul in an effort to address the inequities in New York’s healthcare system, which have been magnified during the pandemic.   On Dec. 5th, the New York City Police Department released data that found that hate crimes were up 100% year-over-year, including a 361% increase in anti-Asian hate crime


Kevin needs your support to ensure equity and opportunity for all New Yorkers.


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