Parker Statement on the Supreme Court EPA Ruling

Parker Statement on the Supreme Court EPA Ruling

A century ago, American life expectancy was roughly sixty years old and for the planet it was just over 40. We now can expect Americans to reach 79 years of age, and for the world as a whole, 73. These gains came through progress, driven by innovation and standards set by government – usually in the United States – to improve public health and living conditions. America has made major strides in protecting clean water and clean air, eliminating lead from paint, our pipes, and children’s toys, and setting standards for emissions to limit the impacts of climate change for the present and future generations.

Today’s decision by the Court curbs the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to limit greenhouse gas emissions. It is the first successful attack on the administrative regulations which protect America from substandard food, water, air, medication, housing, products, and transportation. These special interests constantly sue federal agencies to stop the government from setting the standards which protect us from unclean food, reckless polluters, and untested medical treatments. They finally found a Court receptive to their destructive nihilism, which will set America back decades, if not centuries.

As Chair of the New York State Senate Energy and Telecommunications Committee, I have been leading the charge in New York legislatively, and nationally as an advocate, to limit emissions and move us all towards renewable and alternative energy sources. I will work with Governor Hochul and our partners in government to take action here in New York to protect our people, and will be speaking with my federal partners on how best we can continue to make meaningful progress for a cleaner and better New York, and a stronger and healthier United States.

This Court is wrong. The intentional ignorance of precedent, and the ongoing attacks on everyday Americans will not go unanswered. History – not this Court – will have the final say. Our job is to keep faith with the better future we want for our families, and work all the harder for the healthier, cleaner, and more just America we have promised to build together.


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